Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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Product Details:

  • Portable and versatile heavy duty vacuum sealer with 1-year warranty
  • Perfect for your food business - whether you are just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur.
  • Designed to keep food fresh up to 5x longer compared to regular storage, keep your food's quality longer.
  • Trusted by pitmasters, restaurant owners, and online food sellers
  • Our vacuum sealer works with vacuum bags that are sous vide friendly, and with our vacuum/airtight canisters too with the use of a connector.

Product Features:

  • Basic sealing and three types of vacuum strength: loose, standard or tight.
  • Pulse function to manually control the vacuum sealing.
  • Blow function for delicate items like chips and pastries.
  • Can vacuum seal dry and slightly moist products.
  • Apart from the pre-cut vacuum bags, you may use continuous roll, which you may cut based on your preferred size. (Max. width: 35cm)
  • Has a built-in storage and cutter for vacuum rolls.
  • Works well with vacuum sous vide bags and with a connector, with storage bags and canisters too.
  • This can operate continuously and can accommodate up to 300 bags per day provided you allow it to rest for 3-5 minutes after 20 packs.
  • 1 year warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Product size: 450mm x 245mm x 125mm 
  • Product net weight: 3.5kg
  • Maximum sealing length: 35cm
  • Maximum sealing width: 4mm
  • Double voltage: 110V/240V
  • Vacuum power: 54W
  • Vacuum pressure: -85Kpa
  • Sealing power: 130W
  • Gift box size: 504mm x 177mm x 308mm 
  • Gift box weight: 4.7kg



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