About Us

Hello, we're EGcellent Life Solutions. We are a distributions company, supplying vacuum sealers and vacuum bags here in the Philippines. In 2016, by some stroke of serendipity, one of our business partners was in a trade show abroad when he was introduced to the product. Vacuum sealers are popular within the food industry but we are limited to industrial types locally. We saw the potential to introduce a more portable and affordable option, especially for start-up business owners and even homemakers who wanted to preserve their food at home. That's how Egcellent was born. 

In 2018, we had our 15 minutes of fame when we joined The Final Pitch. Here's a short clip (look ma, we're on TV)! 

The rest, they say is history because after so many years, we've seen ourselves grow and evolve with the changing times.

Here are some media features we have had along the way:

1. Go Negosyo Guesting (November 2018)

2. Christmas Gift Ideas for Women by Blissful Blooming  (December 2018)

3. The Final Pitch | Jet Yu (February 2019)

4. Food Review Asia Feature 

5. Top 6 Vacuum Sealers in the Philippines by My Best (January 2021)

6. How technology has allowed EGcellent Life Solutions to thrive—even in the middle of a pandemic by Variable Mag (March 2021) 

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For other questions and bulk orders, send us an e-mail at egcellentlifesolutions@gmail.com.

Our office is located in 20-B Victor, Greenview Village, Las Pinas, 1740 Metro Manila. Strictly by appointment only following social distancing protocols.

Thank you for your continuous support and we do hope to be of service to you in the years to come.