Vacuum Sealers

1. What is the difference between Premium Household and Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

For the Premium Household Type:
• Basic sealing and vacuum sealing.
• Can vacuum seal dry and slightly moist products.
• You may use pre-cut vacuum bags (supplied by EGLS), which come in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. You may also use rolls, which you need to cut manually.
• Ideally, the vacuum sealer needs 15 seconds rest after each sealing before doing the next one. After the 10th consecutive sealing, the machine needs to rest for 1 minute before the next sealing.

For Commercial Type:
• Basic sealing and loose, standard or tight vacuum sealing options.
• Pulse function to manually control the vacuum sealing.
• Blow function for delicate items like chips and pastries.
• Can vacuum seal dry and slightly moist products.
• Apart from the pre-cut vacuum bags, you may use continuous roll, which you may cut based on your preferred size.
• Has a built-in chamber and cutter for vacuum rolls.
• This can operate continuously and can accommodate up to 300 bags per day.

2. Why are your bags more expensive than regular bags?

Our bags are BPA Free, Food Grade, Biodegradable, 85 microns, microwave, freezer and sous-vide friendly too.

Against competitive bags, our bags hold its vacuum seal for long because it’s embossed, it’s stretch-resistant and does not easily break, making sure your food/product is secured.

Tried and tested even by chefs, restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs.

3. What types of bags do you have?
We supply the vacuum bags in different sizes from extra small to large, as well as rolls. 

4. How can I clean the vacuum sealer?
Check out these videos as a guide for proper maintenance and troubleshooting.

5. Why is my machine not working?
To assess if your vacuum sealer works, here are things you need to check:
• Vacuum cover should be locked when vacuum sealing.
• Rubber in the cover and in the tray should be in place.
• Bags should be placed properly between the rubber inside the tray.
• On the tray, the ring rubber (at the back of the nozzle) should be in place.
If the steps above did not solve the issue, please do send us a video on Facebook and we’ll be happy to assist you anytime.
If you have a landline, please send us your number so we can help you troubleshoot.

Order and Shipping FAQs
1. How to purchase?
For Metro Manila orders, you may purchase here in our website. For outside Metro Manila, we highly encourage you to purchase through our Lazada and Shopee page for cheaper shipping fee.

2. How much is the shipping fee?
Shipping fee varies depending on order and location. For Metro Manila orders, shipping fee will be computed by our third party courier upon purchase. For outside Metro Manila, this depends on Lazada and Shopee's computation.


1. Does your product have warranty?
All vacuum sealers have 1 year warranty. 

2. How can I avail of warranty?

Please send us a message on Facebook or send us an e-mail at egcellentlifesolutions@gmail.com. Do note that sending of units for repair or replacement is at the expense of the buyer.