Why Vacuum Seal?



Vacuum Sealing is a great way to preserve your food up to 5 times longer compared to regular storage. This technique sucks the air out to keep food fresh, since air is one of the leading causes of food contamination and spoilage.

FreshWorld’s Vacuum Sealer works best with our other food preservation products like the vacuum bags, rolls, canisters, and accessories so you can:

  1. Preserve food and extend shelf life up to 5 times longer

Compared to food stored in plastic bags or containers, enjoy your food for long when it is vacuum sealed. Meat will taste as rich and tender as it did when it was originally sealed. Pre-packed meals and leftovers can last for weeks instead of just days. For optimal results, track your food by putting the date when you vacuum seal. 

  1. Save money and stop food waste

No more throwing away leftovers or watching expiration dates roll by. No more freezer burn or bland, oxidized meats. Save on what you previously would have had to throw to the bin.

  1. Prevent freezer burn and dehydration

Freezer Burn without Vacuum Sealing

Lock moisture in when you vacuum seal food, especially meat. When water sublimates inside your food, freezer burn happens. The ice crystals inside become into water vapor and get drawn up to the surface of your food, where they either freeze again and or escapes into the surrounding air. Freezer burn isn't dangerous, but it ruins the taste and texture of your food

  1. Save on storage space

Neatly pack items in our BPA-Free Vacuum Bags to save storage space in your fridge or pantry. No more bulky and cumbersome containers needed.

It's a convenient and economical way for households and businesses to preserve, protect, and store food.