Ecosphere UV Water Purifier

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Convert your tap water into clean and safe drinking water through ECOSPHERE Water Purifier.

Product Details:

The EcoSphere Water Purifier has a 4-stage filtration process (i4 Purification Technology) to kill microbiological contaminants and certain bacteria up to 99.9999%. This is even better than carbon block filters or even micro filtration, which are the most commonly used ways to purify water. It’s also a way, way more effective means to free your water from everyday toxins, contaminants and pathogens that boiling water cannot do.

Tap into the power of the EcoSphere Water Purifier. Drink healthy with clean, safe water!

Product Features:

• 4-Stage Ultra Purification Technology: 3in1 cartridge + UV Lamp 
   – All-in-one cartridge lasts up to 12 months and features easy, convenient replaceability.
   – UV lamp is built into the device and does not require periodic replacement.
• Easy installation
   – Simply attach to the faucet, plug in the device, and start drinking clean, safe, and healthy water.

• Clean, sleek, premium appearance

• Halal Certified